Will Ink Go Extinct

scarlee phoneAll across global communities, the majority of children of all ages are  exposed to the capabilities the internet has provided man. Many schools have been using the internet as a learning tool for kids for quite some time now. Starting at around age 10 to 12, possessing a borrowed school laptop for classroom purposes has possibly become a norm. With the reality of social media being a huge vehicle for younger and older people to communicate, we forget that this vehicle is essentially what we learn from. From news headlines to short instructional videos, the evolution of learning through a computer or phone has been slowly taking the place of books and teachers.

Computers and smart phones each have a screen which generates light through electricity. While absorbing images and letters through digital light, our thumbs and fingers seem to be the new era’s speaking tools. More often than not people will claim or state that so-in-so said this or that, when in reality there was no physical speaking involved. Observing other people’s lives and what they type and post has become a popular worldwide hobby.  One may be inspired to use his/her camera to capture their own image to then put words with. The cycle of taking self images with instant access to observe has helped drive many web design models into wealth, and will probably push some camera shops out of business. Examples of these types of repercussions from digital revolution will continue to pop up.

The next generation of people, born near the turn of the century, have had digitalism near and around them most of their lives. Will this push more high school graduates to levitate towards a career within the world-wide web. Will the trades such as carpenters, painters, mechanics, and farmers become a slightly more unattractive career choice. Because our world is always changing and advancing it is good to think about the future and how the children of 2017 are shaping it. Currently in the America, the average age a kid gets a smartphone is 10.3 years old. The elderly of today are also a lot more familiar with computers and the web than they were ten years ago. This being said, our world is being consumed with Wi-Fi signals.

Todays teachings of the real world can be shown through digital screens.  Deciding how to coach the youth of our time about digitalism is just one focal point. New site and app ideas will continue to surface. Some may argue that the more we use our keyboards to communicate, the less our vocal social skills will be exercised. The web is a medium for almost all and has been continuously blowing up for 20 years.  Will reading physical books and writing with pencils and pens gradually dim out? Time shall tell.


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